== FAQ ==

Q: Is there an IRC/Discord/....
A: Discord: https://discord.gg/PwvsBNH
A: IRC: irc.freenode.net #crackfoo

Q: How is this cracking/de-hashing/de-crypting.... the hashes?
A: Short answer: It isnt! Its a lookup service. The list is precomputed.
A: Long answer: Go read this =>  https://www.techsolvency.com/passwords/dehashing-reversing-decrypting

Q: Why is it called crackfoo when its really a lookup service?
A: The name has a nice ring to it. Unfound hashes are added to the queue for my personal gpu rig that i run every now and then.

Q: Can i have an IRC/Discord/... Bot of yours?
A: Yup. The chatbot can join your server. Just contact me for details :)

Q: Do you have an API?
A: Yes. Spec is here: http://crackfoo.net/faq/api.html

Q: Any Insight/Hints on Hash Identification?
A: Well, my guess is as good as yours. I built a wrapper around HashID - http://id-api.crackfoo.net/

Q: Can i send in some hashes/plaintexts to be added to the db?
A: Absoluetely! There are 2 Options avalible!
A: a) Using the !add  Command on Discord (For small amounts of plaintexts)
A: b) Giving me a pastebin/dropbox/... link to a plaintext/dictionary file.

Q: How often does the database get updated with new Plaintexts?
A: Most likely once a month or so.

Q: Does this make money?
A: No. In fact it costs me money to run this thing. I am just doing this for fun.
A: There is no commerical interest here. There is no advertisments, ...

Q: What can i donate/contribute?
A: Pretty much anything that helps extend this Service.
* Plaintexts of hashes, that are not found in the DB (only discovered, not generated).
* Some GPUs would also be nice, so i can add a continious GPU cycle for the lookup failures.
* If you happen to have a couple of 6TB+ Disks you want to donate around. that would also be sweet.

Q: Is there a BTC,... wallet for Dontations?
A: Now there is. (2020-03-11)
A: * BTC: 1411iFfvCTY4UjyYxydGn2YKXL9djGKTLA
A: * BTCH: qqsw37yc4zymqtns9nnt7qy57fy764alrqaz635f4w
A: * XMR: 43sJ5QpFyar3HVDBg2FF1QUkWNxrwyK9GYSAxs5Zw7H4EW3Qn96bAiKJn9748Tdc1S6jzvrrFVUmpJPNRpzcQbhH7hphW2B
A: * ETH: 0x0C7778012931568E4B27844d1B7A750e8C2CfB36

Q: Can this be a tor hidden service?
A: Mkay, ... http://y4gdpd5sxad3qyl4w3jfq7ls345fgwsxrd4k2p5imlm224gx6bkjqlad.onion/ ...enjoy...

Q: How big is the Dataset used for this?
A: Well the source material is around 200 GB in plaintexts (uniqe) extracted and merged from various Wordlists, Leaks,  Web-Scraping, ...
A: (Total Inputs: around 9 TB) 
A: Preprocessing this much data was quite the adventure. computing a useful lookup-table/dataset, was ...interesting....
A: Right now the complete storage requirement per algorithm is around 1 TB for over 20 Billion plaintext (20 * 10^9).

Q: Does the Database contain any sensitive Information?
A: Hopefully not. I took great care assembling the input material.
A: Think of it as a bunch of character combinations (strings) that have likely been used as passwords in the past or could be used as passwords in the future.
A: This plaintext information then gets processed into datasets for Crackfoo to work with.
A: Crackfoo only stores Algorythm - Hash - Plaintext.

Q: What's next?
A: Generating more stuff and when expanding crackfoo until i run out of disk space, ...

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